Tuesday, December 7, 2010

West Virginia University: Increase in Student Apartment Break-Ins

Students at West Virginia University have seen an increase in apartment theft in recent months, police said.

The most common items reported stolen are iPods, laptops, jewelry, digital cameras, televisions and GPS devices, said Lt. Harold Sperringer of the Morgantown Police Department.

The College Park Apartments, which are owned by the University, were robbed of $5,660 worth of equipment on Nov. 20 at approximately 4:46 p.m.

The burglars stole four hot water tanks, two furnace systems, two stoves, one counter top, cabinets, 48 light fixtures, copper metal and tubing, and 16 padlocks, according to the University Police Department's incident summary report.

One of the key factors in helping the police crack down on apartment theft is to communicate with local pawn shops.

Some apartments suggest obtaining renters insurance to protect against cases of apartment theft.

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