Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Daily Universe Runs a Story about RateMyHousing

In part to help alleviate the uncertainty of apartment shopping, ratemyhousing.com seeks to expand options for students looking for housing. The website allows students to rate and review properties.

Students can also post contracts on the site to solicit roommates. The website began in 2007 and became popular without much advertising.  Recently, Ryan Crandall and Matthew Crandall assumed ownership of the website. 
Ryan Crandall said college students tend to have an opinion on everything, and the website provides an

opportunity for their opinions to be aired, positive or negative. 

“You’re getting a real assessment of the property from students,” he said....

Mark Bennett, an information technology major from Canada, used ratemyhousing.com before moving to his current apartment.

“It was accurate, yes,” Bennett said, “[The apartment is] a dump, but it’s close to campus.”

Josh Davis, a computer science major from Plano, Texas, said he would be interested in using the website. 

“I wish I would have used it, because I got duped with one apartment,” Davis said. 

Read More: http://universe.byu.edu/node/12729