Thursday, December 16, 2010

University of New Hampshire Named "Duggiest" College

University of New Hampshire officials expressed skepticism yesterday after news website The Daily Beast ranked the school the "druggiest" college in the nation.

UNH beat out more than 350 schools to take the top spot, according to Beast reporter Lauren Streib, who compiled the list.

Rankings were based on three 2009 factors: Per capita drug arrests at the school, the drug use environment statewide, according to a federal survey, and the drug grades given by College Prowler, a website for and run by college students.

Streib said certain factors, like how some campus police departments may be more likely to issue tickets for minor drug infractions rather than arrest people, couldn't be taken into account because the website wanted to be consistent. She also noted the federal drug survey cited did not provide detail beyond the state level.

"This isn't in any way meant to be a final judgment about these colleges, it's just what the stats say," Streib said of the list, and encouraged prospective students to visit schools and ask questions.

UNH officials said the list doesn't reflect the actual environment at UNH.

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