Friday, December 10, 2010

University of Idaho Writes Article About RateMyHousing

Landlords are like professors: they can make life intensely hard if you choose the wrong one–with no "withdraw" grades as an escape.

Matthew Crandall, a student at Brigham Young University-Hawaii majoring in international business, said he developed the idea for the website from the rating system used by websites such as

"When I moved (to Hawaii) the housing options were poor and the info about it was low," Crandall said.

Crandall created RMH for an entrepreneur class he is taking this semester.

Working with his college graduate brother, Ryan Crandall, Matthew Crandall purchased an operating site called, and re-launched it with a new name, format and web address.

The website allows students to leave anonymous comments, post pictures and rate the dormitory or apartment in seven categories: "quality," "price," "location," "social," "landlord," "parking" and "overall." RMH also includes distance to campus information.

"The site is really in the hands of the users," Crandall said. "We want to encourage students to take their experience and benefit other students with this website."

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