Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Throw a Housewarming Party

Moving can be a stressful yet adventurous task. To relieve some of the tension and allow your legs to breathe from carrying boxes up flights of steps, consider throwing an apartment warming party for you and some friends.

There are numerous reasons for apartment warming parties. First and foremost, to show off your new pad! Invite friends over to see how you just bought the apartment of your dreams and maybe bounce some ideas off them as to how you will fill those spaces. Secondly, you can use the party to get to know those who will be living around you. If you plan on staying here for a while, it might be a good idea to invest some time in getting to know those down the hall. Your living situation will be a whole lot better if you can walk the halls and greet your neighbors by name. Thirdly, it can be a short break from the whole process. Packing your things, moving them, loading them into the new place and unpacking them is a long and strenuous process. Give yourself a short breather. Set out some finger foods, a couple of drinks and surround yourself with friends. That will help things go a lot easier.

The first part of the party will be sending some invitations out a week and a half to two weeks prior. If you are inviting the people next door, you don’t even need to mail the invites. You can simply knock on doors and hand them invitations or slip them under the door. If you are inviting friends from out-of-town that would be here for a couple days for the event, give them a couple pieces of information about the town so they don’t feel like complete strangers. List some good places to eat, cheap places to stay and where all the nightlife lives. No matter who you are inviting, it is important that you give good directions to your new place. If they need to buzz in, give them that number and an alternative phone number they can call if you’re not there. Be specific!

Next on your agenda should be the shopping. You’ll want to provide your guests with some food and drink for the gala affair, so make a list. Get cans or small glass bottles of beverages so unused portions can be shoved into the fridge instead of going to waste. For food, consider getting finger foods that are easy to make. Get a good variety of cold and hot so you don’t have to do much cooking beforehand. Don’t forget plates, cups and utensils. Make sure to buy more than you have people invited. They’ll be sure to leave a drink somewhere and forget it.

You’ll want to assemble a small team to pull off the party. Guests will be arriving and leaving off and on. If you plan on giving tours to your guests, be sure to gather a couple friends to either play host while you’re showing guests around, or to act as tour guides. You can even allow guests to tour at their own bidding. Depending on how many people are slated to show up, you may want help cooking your delectable snacks earlier in the morning. Finally, you should have a go-to friend in case you run out of ice or food that can make a jaunt to the store to pick up more.

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