Thursday, March 24, 2011

Russian Scientists Setup Institution For Yeti Research

With the vast amount of eyewitnesses coming forward claiming to have seen the elusive Yeti, Russian scientists decided to setup a “Yeti Institute” at Kemerovo State University. The eyewitnesses claimed to have witnessed the Yeti stealing their farm animals. Dr. Igor Burtsev interviewed the locals and has had many years of experience on the subject.

Of course, we here at GT have covered some of Dr. Burtsev’s work in the past. Throughout the years I remain convinced that Dr. Burtsev has a major fault. He tends to build some sort of rapport with his eyewitnesses. Do you guys remember Fox the Bigfoot? Maybe you might remember the claims of Janice Carter. How she has had a close relationship with a large family of Bigfoot. Dr. Burtsev remains convinced that Janice Carter is telling the truth, so much so, that he has spent months visiting Janice in hopes of documenting the case. The results? Nothing. Just the stories of Janice Carter, which if you read or watch any documentary on the case, it leaves you believing that Janice lives in a fantasy world.

But that is only one case. I’ve seen several dozen reports from eyewitnesses and Russian officials claiming to have witnessed the Yeti. Hopefully with this new research team and facility, the scientists can get more funding at trying to figure out exactly what it is that people are seeing in the Russian wilderness.