Tuesday, March 29, 2011

University of Michigan Study Finds Heartache Equal to Physical Pain

Love hurts. A study at the University of Michigan has confirmed it. Romantic heartbreak causes the same regions in the brain that involve physical pain to activate. It looks like the heart and mind are truly connected when it comes to love.

Everyone can attest to a broken heart at least once in their lives. It's a known fact that love hurts. Now, science has proven that break-ups are indeed painful for the heart, mind, and the body. Will this finding change the way people view love when entering a new relationship? Probably not.

Dr. Steven Richeimer, a researcher at the USC Pain Center stated:

"The idea of heartache is an old, old term and I think it's there for a reason. When you affect negative emotions, you will activate a lot of the same nervous system parts and systems and chemistry that are involved in bodily pain."

So, we get that love hurts. What about research to lessen the pain of heartache? Exercise is always good to do and keeping oneself busy is crucial to surviving a break-up. It's no good to be alone, depressed, and suffering a break-up. These suggestions have no scientific backing, but they do help.

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