Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking for an apartment friendly pet to spice up your life?

Sugar Gliders
Are you looking for a cute little pet that heavily relies on you? You will need to have a good amount of time to devote to spending with your sugar glider or else consider getting two so that they can keep each other company. Lonely sugar gliders may stop eating and die, so make sure you are willing to make a commitment to this animal before adopting them. They are nocturnal and have excellent night vision.

Hermit Crabs
Are you a low maintenance type of person, then the hermit crab is a great choice. These little pets can climb, dig and walk on your shirt. Fill a fish tank with gravel and you’re done. Clean their tank once a month, give them a little food and water, and put water on them daily, they will be happy as a clam. Hermit crabs love to play so allow them to climb on you as often as possible. They do go dormant for approx 2 years so be sure not to throw them away.

Pot-Bellied Pigs
They’re affectionate, extremely intelligent, readily trained, playful, clean and relatively quiet. Pigs can be trained just as easily or possibly easier, than dogs, and many people think they are a great alternative. Pigs can become a very expensive pet requiring high-quality food and numerous vaccinations. More and more pigs are showing up at shelters. Get yourself a shelter piggy.

Ferrets are becoming extremely popular because of their personalities. Ferrets have an extremely loving, friendly nature and they are very intelligent animals. Ferrets are nocturnal, may be an ideal companion for persons that working during the day. Ferrets are hyperactive creatures and need space. Providing toys or tunnels is a great way to keep your ferret busy.

Hamsters are great pets for people living in apartments. Hamsters are neither noisy nor messy pets. Like birds and fishes they do not take much space as they also live in cages. Accessories also exist for hamster cages such as hamster balls, adventure packs and many others. Hamsters can be a bit messy so its important to keep their cage clean. Roborovski Hamsters, Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamsters, Chinese hamsters and Golden Hamsters are all cute cuddly friends.

Birds can be ideal for apartment living, as they require little space as they live in a cage. There are so many different bird types that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some birds types they usually share a set of behaviors, however just have in mind that every bird has its own unique personality. Parrots, Canaries, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Finches can all make great pets